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These are the days none of us ever thought would come and no one is ever prepared for.

When Governor Inslee announced his Stay Home/Stay Healthy initiative for the State of Washington on March 23, we knew right away that we would have to do some quick thinking to adjust and create a flexible new business plan for the near future. The streets of Friday Harbor are quiet now and eerily empty...we are staying home. Each of us is trying to find our way in this strange new reality. How can we rediscover a new home life, outside of the framework of work, school, and social lives? As the habits of what we know as “normal” daily life are put on hold, we are left with large swaths of time to fill and few walls to contain the immense emotions, confusion and uncertainty we are all wrestling with.

We do not know what the path ahead looks like, but we know that we need to put one foot in front of the other and get us there, wherever and whenever that “there” may be. Our dining room may be closed, but we can still bring good food into YOUR dining rooms, by streamlining our operations and creating a more efficient system to allow you to fill your fridge, freezer and pantry for as many days during the week as you choose and minimizing the visits you have to make to do it.

To this end, we are trying out a new schedule and a new system for ordering and picking up your food order, and adding some staple grocery and fresh produce options as well, so you can get what you might need or want in one easy stop.


Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays from 11-3pm:  

limited sandwich/soup/salad menu.

Tuesday & Friday:

pick-up of pre-order family dinners and MC Provisions

(email orders by 5pm the day before to

We will invoice you for your order through our Square system and you can pay remotely. 

In gratitude for your continued support and friendship,


Laurie,   Tim,   Sam,   Talulah,   and      The    Market   Chef   Family

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