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The Market Chef Catering

Why Choose The Market Chef to cater your event?

For over 25 years, we have worked side by side with island farmers, sourcing the very best raw ingredients the San Juans have to offer and creatively hand-crafting dishes bursting with flavor and sense of place. What we do is rooted in the work of our grower partners, and each event menu is grounded in peak seasonality.

We firmly believe that the best food does not have to be overcomplicated or fussy to be absolutely delicious and will work one on one with each client to create a menu that reflects their taste, vision and budget, while always delivering the superior quality and attention to each and every detail that we insist upon.

We provide estimates for our clients that will accurately reflect final billing. Each event is unique and our years of experience help us foresee the speed-bumps, so we can guide you through your planning and make the best choices for your specific parameters, ultimately surpassing your expectations of your special day. Together, we will consider type of occasion, location, number of guests, culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, service requirements and serving options and style. All taxes, services and gratuities will be included in our estimates, so there are no surprises in the end.

Through the years, we have built relationships with the island’s friendliest, most professional and experienced serving staff. With them, we have set up magical events on beaches, in fields, barns, private homes and backyards...whatever location you dream of. We relish taking the most remote and rustic locations and transforming them into comfortable and inviting culinary destinations! We will provide a service estimate that allows us to efficiently and adequately staff your event so it looks and feels seamless, allows you freedom from any worry, and leaves your guests raving with fondest memories for years to come.

Our sample menus are intended to provide a thumbnail sketch of what an event meal could look like, but is only a glimpse into the work we do. As we learn about each other, we will create a menu that is yours and yours alone. We do not believe in “set” menus but rather see menu planning as a collaborative (and super fun!) process, and every new client as a bold new adventure.

We look forward to hearing more about you and your event!

Until then,

Laurie Paul and Tim Barrette

The Market Chef

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